I hope that my efforts in making my business sustainable will help lead other small businesses in the right direction
— Annabelle Noelle, Founder
Sustainability Goals
I am really inspired by the land that creates all of the materials that the clothing is made of. I want to learn everything about the process, kind of like farm to table for fashion.
I am excited to learn more about the entire lifecycle of how pieces are made, how to make them in the least impactful way and hopefully encourage others.
— Annabelle Noelle, Founder
I wanted to make pieces that are inspired by the earth, made from organic materials like linen and cotton that are plant dyed and biodegradable & use recycled materials as well as deadstock fabric.
— Annabelle Noelle, Founder

Recycled Swim Material

Our swim fabric is a sustainable techno fabric is essentially a super material. It is a UV protectant, tear proof, highly abrasion resistant (which means you can sit on the pool without getting that obnoxious pull on your bum), has two-way stretch technology making it very flexible, has little absorption qualities, so you won’t be weighed down by a wet suit, and isn’t affected by sunscreen!

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