Belle Babe: Sarah Brady

We chatted with Sarah Brady, a California coast native who spends her time dancing on waves, taking film photos, studying eco-psychology, and being an outspoken environmental activist.

Describe yourself in three words

Ambitious old soul

What inspires you?


Words you live by?

We are here to learn and to teach. Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach. The more I learn the less I know.


Favorite Belle suits?

The Daffodil Bikini Set for lounging & Indigo Bikini Set

Favorite travel location?


Local surf spot?

Swamis or SanO

Favorite surf spot?

A special little right-hander in Baja...


Favorite scent?

I always have lavender essential oil within reach

Current song on repeat?

Native American flute music haha

Favorite beach read?

The Bowl of Light

Tips for a more sustainable lifestyle?

Eat less meat and animal products. Even if you just choose one day of the week not to eat meat or dairy or you restrict it to once a day you will have a dramatic environmental impact.  If you hate plastic waste wrecking the environment use this reusables checklist before you leave the house: Utensils, straw, insulated coffee cup, reusable water bottle, stainless steel bento box, canvas bag  (or try to keep these things in your car or bag at all times). Try to drive and fly less--one transatlantic flight puts as much carbon in the atmosphere as the average American does every year. If you fly, use CHOOSE carbon offsetting.

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A few things we’d find in your beach bag?

Film camera, water bottle, bamboo utensils & a stainless steel straw, and ‘Mana’ Tarot cards

Natural beauty product you can’t live without?


_ 3.jpg

We love your passion for activism, what inspired you to start getting involved?

My upbringing, my connection to nature,  my education, and my friends. I grew up with an understanding that the earth was dying and people were causing it. I also grew up surfing, camping, rock climbing. I have always loved the outdoors and felt connected to nature. I went to college at UC Santa Cruz and learned more about the state of the world and the environment, and bonded with friends over common passions. I wanted to go into a career that would help the planet but worried that I wouldn't be able to do that while also supporting the kind of lifestyle I grew up with in Southern California. I worked in marketing for a big sunscreen company for a two summers, witnessed greenwashing first-hand,  and just felt like I really was not following my passion. It was really my friends that kept me inspired and following my passion and my truth. And my mom too. I am grateful to have so many inspiring women in my life. Another thing that has been really inspiring is seeing thousands of young people become climate justice activists and following their journeys through social media.

Dream job?

Either an environmental reporter, an urban farmer and activist, or a b-corp business owner. I’m only 22 so maybe all 3! haha

Sarah Brady x Belle The Label featuring surfing in Fiji

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Thank you Sarah for sharing some insight into your life. You are such an inspiration to Belle The Label.

Annabelle Shumann