Introducing Belle Babe: Alexis Hutt

Belle Babe: Alexis Hutt

If you could be any flower, what would you be?  

I would be an Iris, they have so many different varieties, textures and they just exude a feminine shape but also a strange structural juxtaposition. Half open, half closed with skin like petals. Its weird and cool and a touch erotic actually.

Mesh Top Coming Soon

Mesh Top Coming Soon

Earth water fire or air - what element are you? 

I am certainly a combo of fire and earth. I would say those who are particularly close to me would definitely agree.

How do you feel when wearing Belle The Label? 

Confident, free, sexy and empowered.

What pieces make you feel empowered and liberated or are your favorites? 

The cut of your bathing suits stand out to me because you can be active in them but also look like you want to. You don't have to sacrifice fashion for function in this case which makes me feel like I can do it all!

We want to introduce our first muse, Alexis Hutt. A passionate, stylish, creative model, artist, mother, & counter culture fanatic. I had the pleasure of running around Santa Cruz shooting 35mm photos on a beautiful day, sharing stories, advice, and talking openly about life. Here are some questions she's answered for us for you to read, and hopefully derive inspiration from. 

Photographed by: Annabelle Noelle

What or who inspires you?

I am frankly inspired by people....I love to people watch and I enjoy learning about what people go through in their everyday lives. I adore outrageous, creative and complicated people. I'm also fascinated with people that are humble, earnest and simple and then intrigued everyone in between. I like to see what they wear, how they express themselves, what traditions and foods they participate in, its inspiring!

You are such a passionate soul, what drives your creative fire?

I indulge in art and value my self expression because it takes me to a place that's different from the day to day chaos. I really believe in human creativity and ingenuity. What is different and transcendent is like a magnet, I can't help but try to investigate it. There are so many wonders of the world and I want to collaborate with others to explore those combinations of experiences. 

How would you describe your style? Do you have any style icons?

My style definitely varies from day to day, I really don't like being put in that much of a box. But I always find myself indulging in motifs of rock n roll, something that's kind of bad ass or that's a little rough around the edges. I like to add menswear to the mix as well and I love a killer pair of boots. I love French Iggy Pop fans from the 60s, Anne Lennox, Tilda Swenton, David Bowie and Alice Cooper. 

You have the cutest little daughter, what would be your advice to young girls? 

Be yourself and love yourself. We are so hard on ourselves to be 'perfect' by all these crazy standards. And, its okay to be smart and weird and wild and free. Its okay to be yourself, its honestly the most satisfying way to live your life.

Belle The Label tries to make pieces that compliment the female figure, femininity, freedom, and liberation is important to us. Who are your biggest female inspirations? 

Simone De Beauvoir, Anna Fisher (the first mom in outer space) Emily Dickenson, Freda Kahlo, Marie Curie are amazing inspirations of the past that I admire. I am profoundly inspired by women who are activists in the most tumultuous environments. And there are a lot of women in my day to day life that inspire me too, like my mother for never giving up, my best friends for making dreams emerge from dust and all my female professors who live to open people minds up to the ideas surrounding them. Women are so strong and resilient even against all the odds.

If you could wear our pieces anywhere, where would it be? The Caribbean, I want to be laid up in those effortless pieces in a place with heat, the most lit music and food, culture and a deep understanding of beach life that I could only try to comprehend.